2 FFP1 Dust Mask (Pack of 20)


Points to Note:

•Cost Effective Cup Shaped Disposable Respirator

•Protects Against Low Level Dusts & Mists

•Pre-Formed Nose Bridge With Inner Seal for a Good Fit Without Adjustment

•Designed To Fit Range of Face Shapes

•Colour-Codedto Denote P1 Particulate Protection

•Maximum Usage Level Up To 4 Times the Workplace Exposure Limit

•Dolomite Tested to Resist Clogging for Longer


•Boxes of 20

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Description:Designed to fit a range of face shapes, these cost-effective FFP1 dust masks feature a pre-formed nose bridge to avoidthe wearer having to readjust the mask mid-shift.

They offer low-level respiratory protection against non-hazardous dusts and mists.

EN 149:2001 + A1:2009 FFP1 NR D Assigned Protection Factor (APF):4


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