What We Do

PPE Global Solutions Ltd is a trusted provider of all kinds of Personal Protective Equipment to the world.


We’re here to help society combat COVID-19 and other likely life threatening diseases and viruses in our fast paced and modern environment by delivering high quality Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to consumers around the globe. Everyone potentially being placed in harm’s way through their work or running the risk of exposure through contagion has the right to protection…

The coronavirus  (COVID-19) outbreak has put our world in to a spin both personally and professionally and the world continues to rapidly change and present us all with an unfamiliar picture of our communities. We continue to work to all global and more local regulation and government instructions to ensure minimising the potential impact of this challenging situation.

We also reach out to our suppliers to ensure these critical protection products are delivered as quickly as possible but their businesses remain strong and robust enough to maintain strong supply chains. Of course, we do everything we can to highlight the necessity for increased cleanliness and safety in their operations.

The nature of our business has very much allowed us to have all colleagues working from their own safe home locations with regular points of contact to ensure they are not only kept up to speed with business events but of course to maintain a high level of social interaction in support of their personal wellbeing and that of their families.

Corporate Social Responsibility Statement:

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) allows businesses to play its part in positive change in a wide variety of areas that go on to support improvement within our global communities. PPE GS choose to do what is right not only not because of bottom line profitability but we genuinely want to be a trusted and ethical partner for our customers and the communities they work in.

We want you our customer, you our supplier, you our colleagues to feel your supporting and being supported by an organisation that cares. We want, with you, to effect a global social change.

As a senior leadership team we commit to continue to:

  • REDUCE our carbon footprint through minimising travel and using energy savings technologies where possible
  • IMPROVING our labour policies through regular colleague engagement and reviews to ensure that the best of the world’s talent want to come and work with us
  • CREATE an organisation where customers can know that their purchases can make a difference
  • We STRIVE to create corporate policies that benefit the environment
  • We look ALWAYS to make socially and environmentally conscious decisions

Ethically Sourced

PPE Global Solutions Ltd absolutely strive for a strong, solid, professional, integrity driven and highly ethical approach to business. We have a conscience.

To that end, everyone in our organisation is tasked with continuously seeking improvements in how we trade and source products for our global  communities. We’re here to protect them after all and that means everyone is doing exactly what they say they will in the way that they say they will. We embark on a rigorous campaign which involves all members of the senior leadership team being involved in supplier assignment.

Regular supplier site visits and detailed reviews of their systems and facilities allow us to be as confident as we can be that they are engaging staff, developing colleagues, have good workplace conditions and of course source and dispose of manufacturing materials in a safe and ethical manner.

This commitment extends to suppliers and other associated external resources with which we chose to do business. … Act in an ethical manner and comply with statutory and legal requirements, promoting good labour and ethical standards in the supply chain of goods and services.